Playstation 3 Error 80010514: What You Need to Know

Playstation 3 error code 80010514 has been a death sentence for many PS3 owners. Today we’ll take a look at the source of the issue, and what you can do to fix it.

The code of death, known as Error 80010514 has plagued many PS3 gamers, for a few years now. Many have speculated what exactly this error means, and its methods of correction. After a year of researching and working with the issue first hand, I have come to give my complete knowledge on the subject, so that you can be prepared should it happen to you.

So first things first, what exactly does Error 80010514 mean? Well, here’s the tricky part; it’s actually a double error. Generally, you will receive this error when trying to boot up a disk based game, usually a PS3 specific title. What the error means is that either:

1. The disk drive is dieing, or is completely dead, and needs to be replaced
2. The file system has been corrupted and needs to be restored.

Some other sites give very vague details on why either of these happen, and honest in the latter of the two problems, it is rather hard to spot how the issue occurs, but the former is an easier issue to spot. Improper upkeep of the PS3 will cause the lens to burn out, which is the leading hardware cause of the disk drive failing.

Now the question is, how do I fix it? The answer is simple, in both cases, however in one instance you will be looking at spending some money. The first thing to do is to treat the second problem of the PS3, the file system error. To do this, set your PS3 to stand-by and follow these instructions:

1. Press and hold the power button; it will beep as it turns on and then it will double beep. When you hear the double beep immediately take your finger off the power button.
2. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button.
3. Now you’ll see a series of options, this is VERY important, as a miss click will result in erasing your PS3 HDD. The option you want to click is RESTORE FILE SYSTEM.
4. Finally, it is going to restart and bring up a screen reading Corrupted System Data. Your PS will now replace this data Then you choose continue and that should be it.

If it truly was the file system that was the source of the issue, than viola! Your problems are solved. Have fun playing games again. However, if this didn’t work, or if the error returns, than this is a sign that the disk drive is the problem. This is the problem that may cost you, depending on a few things. First off, if you still have a warranty on your PS3, this is the time to cash it in. If not, you have two options: fix it yourself, or send it to Sony to do. I’d only suggest doing it yourself if you actually know what you’re doing. Take it from me, disassembling the PS3 can be a bit tricky, and putting it back together is even more annoying. But if you’re the do-it-yourself type, be sure to look up the proper disassembly instructions for your exact model of PS3 and pick up the tools and blu-ray drive to fix your PS3. This option will set you back about a good $80 or so. Or, you can just pay Sony the $150 + shipping to have them deal with the headache. Sadly, unless you know anyone else crafty to do the work for you, or actually have any electronic repair stores near you, these are your only two options at that point.

I hope this guide has helped answer a few questions and given you solutions on how to go about fixing your PS3. If you have any further issues, feel free to leave a comment.